Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm a bad man who is probably going to hell

Listening to the radio this morning, a discussion about prison overcrowding and the locking up of the mentally ill was aired. It's a serious problem. Those with mental disorders are routinely kept in isolation in mainstream prisons which doesn't help anyone. The particular case in discussion was with the mother of a young man who committed suicide in a mainstream prison whilst in isolation, despite being on suicide watch. In fact, he was in prison as a result of attempting suicide by shooting himself with an air pistol and was, quite bizarrely on the face of it, sentenced to 5 years in stir. A tragic case, but not - I would suggest - atypical.
But I let myself down. The mother said that the young man had "committed suicide in Strangeways". And I laughed. I'm very sorry.


Chris said...

you sick, sick man. Sea Celp.

John_D said...

If she'd said 'Manchester prison' instead of 'Strangeways' it wouldn't have been a problem. Not my fault.