Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Festive reminder

Today, the Christmas decorations are going up in Leeds. Which reminds me that (pause for sharp intake of breath) only two and a half shopping months until Christmas!!!



Loopy said...

I love Christmas I do.....I especially love the nice presents that Father Christmas leaves for me because I have been a very very very good girl.

I can only assume that you have been a very very bad boy & that is why you are not entering into the festive cheer. You know you are not going to get any nice presents (if any at all!).

The Big Fat Phony said...

It's fuppin October though!

Gary said...

Never too early for christmas.

Never too early to see that light bulb animation of Santa falling six floors down the side of Millgarth Police Station.

They should make more sick lightbulb fresco's for xmas - a lightbulb fairy impaled on the top of the town hall would be a good start.

We could use "a nightmare before christmas" as a theme for the Leeds decorations - maybe we should tender for the job next year ?

John_D said...

It's extremely odd to see tinsel and light-bulb snowmen on lamp-posts while it's 13 degrees outside.

Loppy said...

Shit...I forgot to bring in my tinsel for your monitor..