Friday, October 20, 2006

Crap beer

I can handle there being crap beer. It just doesn't belong in decent pubs; by which I mean pubs that have a wide and varied range of imported beers and select domestic produce other than that mass produced crap that goes into the barrels marked 'Carlsberg' or 'Carling'.
There are few things more annoying than seeing someone peruse 20-odd taps of German, Dutch, Belgian etc etc etc beers and then deciding to go for a Carlsberg. It's wrong.


Yorkshire_Red said...

I feel I may in some way have helped to bring this particular rant to the fore & I can only echo & applaud your comments sir. Needless to say I will be showing this post to Nic tonight as soon as I return to the republic of Salfordia.

Well done sir.

John_D said...

You are right sir. I have long lamented those that eschew a quality beer in favour of that muck, but your own rant did expose my latent annoyance.