Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bomb factory found, but shhhh....

You would think that the discovery of one of your actual bomb factories - as opposed to a random house in London - would be big news. And yet it's only regional publications, the Burnley Citizen and Pendle Today, that seem to be carrying the story. A Google search throws up no other links.
This is an actual find of some serious gear - rocket launchers, a nuclear biological suit, explosive components - rather than a massively over-manned raid based on single statement information which ends up with someone getting shot and the blame being put on some gloves. Interesting too to note that the arrests were made under the Explosive Substances Act 1883 rather than one of the raft of totalitarian measures under 2006 'anti-terrorism' legislation. It begs the question as to whether these new measures were actually required.
So why is it so quiet in the mainstream media about all this rather worrisome activity? A cynic (who sir, me sir?) might suggest that as the arrested men are not Muslims, it doesn't fit the general profile of what makes a news story with regard to bombs, bomb making equipment and an alleged plots to blow stuff up. If it's not that, then what? I wouldn't buy any argument that it's purely a regional story and only relevant to that corner of Lancashire. It's too big a find for that. The only reason that makes any sense is that there is no agenda against white skinned bombers.
The main chap involved stood as a BNP candidate at the last local elections, but is apparently now an ex-member. If his views were too extreme even for that bunch of fascist wankers, I dread to believe how far he and his accomplices were prepared to go.

There has been no bigger find of this sort in this country. The silence in the mainstream is deafening.

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