Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Always in the last place you look

Thomas Hauser is a great boxing writer. His articles carry the weight of authority denied to us mere plebs. But just because you write predominantly about boxing doesn't mean you can't write about anything else. Even so, it was still a surprise to read this treatise on the state of America on boxing website secondsout.com.
I fully agree with Hauser's assertion that "the distortion of American values by the Bush Administration and its allies in Congress is more important than the result of a prizefight and should be commented upon in every forum possible", hence it's appearance here.
Two things, bearing in mind the impending mid-terms in the States, stand out for me. The Democrats need to win both houses and look on course to do that despite the Republicans upping their smear tactics and despite the Democrats having no single voice or figurehead to rally behind. The other thing is that Bill Clinton is beginning to look like a pretty damn good president. I don't believe he was, but in comparison to Bush he's beginning to look like JFK, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Lloyd George all rolled into one.

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